Cardiologist reveals the only type of bread we should eat

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A heart surgeon says that most of the we consume every day is not actually that good for us – and there’s only one type we should be eating.

In his new book, , cardiologist Steven Gundry advises staying away from ‘lectins’. While many people go gluten-free for fear of bloating and inflammation, Gundry says gluten is just one variety of a lectin – a toxic, plant-based protein which is found in wheat and also many gluten-free products.

He says that once lectins, which are also found in many fruit and vegetables, are ingested “they incite a kind of chemical warfare on our bodies” which can cause inflammatory reactions leading to weight gain and other health conditions. 

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So, apparently one of the only varieties of bread which does not contain lectins is a brand called ‘Barely Bread’. According to Gundry notes in his book that this bread contains no grains what so ever so fits in with his lectin-free mantra.

Barely Bread contains a blend of almond, seed and coconut flowers and absolutely no grains. On its website, it boasts it is different to the “gluten-free loaves that claim to be healthy but load up on extra carbs and sugar”. 

A as they tend to contain a significantly higher energy content including more fatty acids and lipids than their gluten counterparts. 

Another recent study suggested that people who follow a gluten-free diet who do not suffer from coealiac disease – a condition where gluten triggers the small intestine to become inflamed and unable to absorb nutrients – The researchers found gluten consumption does not appear to increase the risk of heart disease and those who needlessly follow the diet may be limiting their intake of whole grains which “may actually be associated with adverse cardiovascular outcomes”.

Pure Wow tested Barely Bread and confirmed “the consistency isn’t exactly like real bread” and describe it as “cloud bread” due its airy texture. In fact, it advises that pretty much the best way to enjoy it is char it on both sides in the toaster and “mash some avocado on top and you’ll barely taste the difference”. Hmm. 

What happened to everything in moderation? 


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